Michael is a junior in college and has a passion for all things media. At St. Mark's School of Texas high school, he found a love of media and decided to pursue it in the future. Here's more about who Michael is.

Michael Doorey

High School: St. Mark's School of Texas

College: University of Texas at Austin Class of 2017

Major: Aerospace Engineering

Bio: Every second of my free time has been taken up by either aviation or photography since I can remember. At age 17, I earned my private pilot's license and soon after became the head photographer of a nationally-renown high school newspaper. I have won numerous awards for photography on both the local and national levels. I am driven by the constant challenges that accompany media production, and I am always striving to capture the "wow" shot. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, I take pride in my meticulous attention to detail and refuse to accept anything but a professional-level end result.